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Co-Housing Community for Specially-Abled & their Families

A first-of-its-kind Community that is Safe, Integrated & Multi-generational and solving the big question of “Life after us”

Solving the key challenges for parents with adult kids that have intellectual/developmental disabilities


What happens when our child is no longer in school?


What is going to happen to our child when I’m no longer around, or able to care for him?


What kind of setting will ensure that he/she can have a fulfilling life?

About Us

Built for the Specially-Abled by a Group of Parents

This Cohousing Community has been designed by a group of parents that relentlessly searched for a better home for their SpeciallyAble-d. 


Where will my SpeciallyAble-d live?

Providing a safe and spacious personal housing environment.


 How will my SpeciallyAble-d be supported 7x24x365?

Comprehensive care, including daily living assistance, engaging day programs, and enriching mind-body-soul activities.

Food & Clothing

How will my SpeciallyAble-d get nutritional care, clothing and other needs?

Ensuring my SpeciallyAble-d has an nutritional and healthy meals, has appropriate clothing and personal items needed. 


How will he/she receive the right Medical, Dental, Vision and other care?

Appropriate medical and dental care and hygiene as needed.

Our Vision

An Inclusive Community for SpeciallyAble-d & their Families.

Join our Events Online or In-Person

We conduct ongoing events with educational content for parents of the SpeciallyAbled across a variety of topics including Housing, Support Services, Services available in California, Estate Planning, Special Needs Trusts, ABLE Accounts, and many others. Join our email list to be informed

Our Membership Model

Interested Member


Explorer Member




Join our Community

A central support hub 

It takes a Village to raise a child – so very true for SpeciallyAble-d even more so. Our model gets enriched by each family and member who joins this initiative. Please join us in our quest to build a solid “What after us?” solution for our SpeciallyAble-d.

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