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Our Model

Key Guiding Principles


Where will my SpeciallyAble-d live?

An inclusive Community for SpeciallyAble-d & their parents

Independent Living

How will he/she live independently?

Transition SIs into their own home using SLS (Supported Living Services) and other supports (Independent Living) with Professional Management


What kind of activities will he/she have?

Supplement day programs with “Mind-Body-Soul” enrichment programs run by parents including 3-5 “micro businesses” to generate income

Strong support structure

How will my SpeciallyAble-d be supported 7x24x365?

Be a support structure for each other as we gracefully age-in-place with our SIs

Protect the intentionality

How will he/she receive the right Medical, Dental, Vision and other care?

Protect the intentionality of the Community for multiple generations (HOA-like structure to enforce proper use & transfers)

Ownership Model

Decision-making and Governance Model

We have adopted a Consensus-based framework called Sociocracy – for decision-making on key policies. Individual committees operate different aspects of our Community while the big ticket items will have to be managed by the “Committee of the Whole”.

Sociocracy is a decentralized, consensus-based decision-making process that seeks to distribute power equally among all members of a community. It is often used in organizations and communities that want to be more democratic and inclusive. Some of the benefits of sociocracy include increased participation, transparency, and accountability.

Our Membership Model

Interested Member


Explorer Member




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We conduct ongoing events with educational content for parents of the SpeciallyAbled across a variety of topics including Housing, Support Services, Services available in California, Estate Planning, Special Needs Trusts, ABLE Accounts, and many others. Join our email list to be informed

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